Cette étude a permis de recueilli les déclarations des parties prenantes sur le soutien dont les clubs de sport ont besoin pour accroître les actions de promotion de la santé et les a classées par ordre de priorité en fonction de leur importance et de leur faisabilité. Les domaines prioritaires comprennent la sensibilisation aux avantages de la promotion de la santé, la mobilisation des acteurs, le plaidoyer pour le soutien et l’éducation des acteurs des clubs de sport.

The potential of sports clubs to promote health beyond physical activity has been acknowledged by researchers and policy-makers. This study gathered stakeholder ideas on support sports clubs need to increase health promotion efforts and prioritize them based on importance and feasibility.

Study design

The study design used in this study is a mixed-methods concept mapping approach.


French sports and public health stakeholders (n = 45) were invited to participate. Steps included are as follows: (1) formulating a focus prompt, (2) brainstorming statements in response to the focus prompt, (3) sorting statements into themed piles, and (4) rating statements based on indicators. Multidimensional scaling and hierarchical cluster analysis were used to produce visual cluster maps, and descriptive statistics generated Go-Zone graphs based on mean importance and feasible ratings.


Participants generated 62 statements from the focus prompt: ‘What assistance would benefit sports clubs to become a health-promoting setting?‘. Final sorting produced 9 clusters: Tools for health promotion, Communication tools, Stakeholder training courses, Diagnostic and Financing, Awareness and Mobilization, Advocacy, Policies and Methods, Sharing and Networking, as well as Communication and Dissemination. Participant ratings produced 34 statements within the Go-Zone graphs.


Understanding stakeholders’ needs to increase health promotion activities in sports clubs is crucial to planning and implementing sustainable health promotion policies and practice. Priority areas include increasing awareness of health promotion benefits, mobilizing actors, advocating for support, and educating sports club actors.

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 Johnson, S., Van Hoye, A., Donaldson, A., Rostan, F., Lemonnier, F. & Vuillemin, A. (2020) Building Health Promoting Sports Clubs: A Participative Concept Mapping Approach. Public Health, 188:8-17. doi: 10.1016/j.puhe.2020.08.029.



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